Back from Rock Wars GT

This past weekend, I was able to do something I have not done since April … attend a tournament!  Unlike most of my brethren from the Outlanders, I am unable to participate in the closest GT since I am the primary organizer of it, and between that and finishing my Master’s degree this past summer I was […]

Behind the Tourny Scenes Part 3: Funding and Sponsors

Getting ready for your tournament, funding and sponsors should be paramount after you have the overall vision / structure in your head.  When it comes to raising funds, you will have your own (or your group’s) money to serve as a foundation and your revenue from selling tickets.  I would recommend having at least a […]


Outlander League

I absolutely fell in love with the ETC this year.  I knew about the ETC, and read the threads about it in the past, but with my increased use of twitter for warhammer 2012 ETC was taken to a whole new level.  I was rooting for England, mainly because I had no info on the […]

Success and Return to Blogging

Like some other bloggers, real life has temporarily taken over.  Fortunately, my gluttonous work load has receded and I even have time to blog again.  I had a really ambitious agenda of posts in July / August, but after listening to the last podcast of Heelanhammer, I realized that the ancillary things I do related to this […]

BtTS Part 2: Your Initial Vision

This is part of a series of posts on a tournament from a tournament organizer’s perspective.  The introductory post can be found here: