Adjusting the Empire

As I continue to play test list options for a GT this September, our gaming group started the *perfect* paint and play campaign to help me come up with a functional list that I really enjoy.  We’re playing the adjusted Mighty Empires campaign out of the Blood in the Badlands book and each person has […]


Behind the Tournament Scenes, Part 1

As I mentioned about a month ago, one thing I want to focus on as my blogging ramps up is to write about what goes on behind the scenes in preparation for the Bugeater.  This could satisfy the curiosity of some folks, but hopefully it can also serve as a resource for anyone interested in […]

Actually playing some Warhammer

Before I begin my series of posts about the Bugeater GT, and the “behind the scenes” of getting a GT level event ready, I figured I would post about my own gaming for once.  Being a TO creates an unusual situation where the conclusion of my tournament makes me go home and put stuff together […]

Anyone home?

I am home … I promise!  But the drop off in posting is because when one thing ends, another demand on time inevitably comes up!  This month I concluded negotiating my second CBA in two years as a member of the union’s negotiating team, the school year ended, and most importantly the Bugeater GT starts […]