The sky is falling!

For a little while, at least, you won’t see me posting much in the way of 40k tactics since I’ve only played the game a handful of times.  I do think, however, that after playing Warhammer for 10+ years and running a fan site for several years I feel I’ve got enough experience to make […]

Paint and Play March

I’m getting caught up with my log that I was putting on Warseer here, so this post is a straight copy and paste job from my log on that site.

Paint and Play Feburary

This is a recap of what happened last month in the paint and play, that way I’m all caught up. I had been posting this on Warseer, but I’m trying to consolidate here. February was the first month, and we had to bring 500 point lists. With a Vulkan themed double landraider list as my […]

2010 Paint and Play, Part 1

Our local gaming group at Dragon’s Lair Comics has a history of doing “Paint and Play Leagues” for fantasy. The premise is simple: start off with a small army (250-500 points), and then every few weeks increase the size by 250 points. Each installment, you get judged based on your painting and earn points for […]

A Glimpse at the Blood Angels

With the Blood Angels codex almost here, everyone is freaking out.  Here are my thoughts (although these should be taken with a grain of salt since I’ve yet to play a game over 1000 points):