Anyone home?

I am home … I promise!  But the drop off in posting is because when one thing ends, another demand on time inevitably comes up!  This month I concluded negotiating my second CBA in two years as a member of the union’s negotiating team, the school year ended, and most importantly the Bugeater GT starts […]

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Adepticon is done!

We are back from Adpeticon!  I’ll be posting more over the week as my mind recovers, but that was a FULL weekend.  We had 10 go from the Outriders to the Mecca of wargaming.  I played in the 40k Championships.  Jon played in the 40k Gladiator.  Dan played in the Warmachine tournament on Friday.  Russ, […]


Space Marines: Two Lists

So I’ve narrowed my options down to Space Marines.  I love my skaven in pace army, but I don’t want to rush the conversions or paint jobs just to get them to Adepticion.  I’ll take them next year, hopefully using the new codex they’re rumored to get in Q1 of 2013.  That leaves my space […]


Adepticon: Marines or Tau?

With the March Hare behind me and my fantasy army pretty solidly figured out for Adepticon, I need to figure out by the end of the week what I’m doing for 40k.  My options are Space Marines or Tau.  Space Marines would require much less painting work to get ready, but 1850 is an awkward […]