Bugeater Begins

What is this place?  Well, I guess a little background is necessary.   I’ve been playing Warhammer since I was a sophomore in high school.  I’ve run one of the most successful Fantasy sites for several years (netting an award from a tabletop gaming magazine to boot), hosted three online campaigns with several hundred players, and been pretty involved in my local gaming group’s activities.  Time away at college and then getting a job lessened my involvement both online and at the gaming table, but recently the siren call of the dice has lured me in.  I recently put together a Vampire army (my 4th fantasy army), and now the awesome 40k background has drawn me in to building up the Space Marines.  However, some of you may have figured out this still doesn’t offer any explanation as to why I’ve set up this site.

After seeing things like From the Warp network and Yes The Truth Hurts, I realized that the 40k/Fantasy community doesn’t have to be a bunch of forum driven sites, and that one guy really can get his name and opinions out there.  Since I’ve always lived by the “don’t just complain, make it better” mentality, I decided I would stop complaining about “tactica” and “advice” found on places like Bell of Lost Souls, and try and produce a quality little corner of the web for players of GW games.  I also want a place where I can log my battles, stories, and modeling rather than post the same thread on four different sites in hopes of getting constructive responses from people.

I also want a place to talk about gaming going on where I live, in Omaha.  With the growth of Indy GTs and now the creme de la creme tournament in Vegas, I couldn’t help but notice there’s literally nothing in my area that helps players get to that GW tournament in Vegas.   A long ways down the road, I’d like to help get an Indy GT set up here.  There’s already some work in this area (the Khornehusker) by the local gaming group I’m a part of.

The last reason why I set this site up is so that I can collaboratively develop a ruleset.  I love GW, and I love the games, background, and models they produce.  But I hate them as a company.  They’re inaccessible, not open with their customer base, and cater more to the first time buyer than the veteran gamer like you and me.   This trend has only gotten worse.  I used to be on an email basis with Gav Thorpe, Tim Huckleberry, Eric Sarlin, and Adam Troke.  It used to be you could submit articles to the US White Dwarf through email.  I almost had an article in, but I couldn’t get professionally done photos to go with it.  Now, if you want to try and submit an article you have to send it snail mail all the way to England.  Screw that.  So I thought with this site, maybe I could build up a ruleset and some background, and in my dream of dreams making a gaming company.  I don’t take this idea seriously at all, but hell it would be fun just try and make up a competing ruleset.

So this is my little corner of the web.  To anyone that reads, thanks.  Now, I’ve got to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

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  • Rajhald

    Just moved from Omaha to Little Rock, but back there often enough visiting family. Where do you game mostly?

  • Timmay

    Mostly at the Dragon’s Lair out on 156th and Blondo – 40k is Monday night and Fantasy is Thursday night.