Better a Month Late than Never: March Hare Round 3 vs. Skaven

Sorry this one has been so late getting out, two weeks of illness and getting my last term paper done for my degree was putting a damper on blogging.  I have a lot to write about – Adepticon, the Bugeater, my army projects, but before I do all of that I have to draw closure on the March Hare with a report about me getting my butt kicked!

Round 3 I faced off with the only other person who 20-nil’d the first two games.  Dan’s Skaven were relatively unchanged from their 2011 form, the biggest change was dropping his second abom for a doomwheel to fit the comp restrictions.  Dan had a grey seer, a clan rat bunker, a big unit of stormvermin, a 50 man slave unit, and a 100 man slave unit.  He had two warp lightning cannons, an abomination, a doom wheel, two giant rat packs, and three units of gutter runners with posioned stuff.

I figured my knights could finish up the abom on the left after shooting and/or magic weakened it, while shooting could handle the doom wheel and the stank would hold up his storm vermin.

I got to go first (again!) which I figured would be important because I would either get to the storm banner to affect his stuff or have a chance of it ending sooner in the game.  On turn 1 he used the banner, but I still got most of my shooting through.  I blew up the warp lighting cannon on the far right, but failed to get the one on the left.  I moved my knights up and my pistoliers, partially to set up a charge on the abom next turn, and partially to box his gutter runners in to shoot and take out.   I didn’t get a ton of power dice, he stopped my Pha’s and that was about it.

The Epic Collapse

Not good when that’s the subject line after half a game turn, right?  On his turn 1, his doomwheel rolls up to my stank, gets max strength and does 11 wounds with his lightning attack.  Bye bye steam tank!  Now I don’t have anything to tarpit a soon to be death frenzied storm vermin unit with.  His abom crashes into my knights wit the flaming banner – he kills several, I do a few wounds to him, and they’re toast.  So now both my flanks are collapsed.  His warp lightning cannon has my arch lector and war alter down to one wound a piece.  I send one halberd unit out to the abom, they do a wound and hold while he mauls their faces.  I send the other halberd unit to take out the doomwheel, which would have undoubtedly killed my pope if I hadn’t.  The doomwheel dies, but now the halberds are in position to be charged by the stormvermin at the bottom of turn 2 …

… which is exactly what happens.  He gets death frenzy off with IF, they do a whopping 28 wounds, and they flee.  His gutter runners are mowing down the flank of my warmachines, and this game is over.  I conceed since he now has my half survived halberds engaged with the abom in sights for a rear charge from his death frenzy’d storm vermin, and I have literally one machine left and that’s it besides that unit.

The carnage is about to begin...

That 0-20 loss took me down to 6th place overall, far from the championship status of a year ago.  My painting was not yet done, which hurt me – a few more point and I would have been up in the top 3, but I knew it would be tough to get the army fully painted in five weeks time.

I concluded the knights and pistoliers just weren’t worth it, which was ironically a GOOD thing: in getting ready for Adepticon, I had to slim this army down by 300 points.  Taking away the warrior priest, five knights (and champ and standard) and the pistoliers got me under 2200 and gave me enough wiggle room to get 8 free company in there as a chaff detachment to help deal with some of the stuff that gave me problems in game 3.  The fact that I can afford to field all my MVPs: my wizards, pope, halberds, war machines at full force at an event with 300 less points makes me optimistic.  Most important: these were three valuable test games, game 3 the most valuable.  If I had been more patient with my steam tank and knights, I would’ve been in much better shape (although his dice were freaky hot).  With only one WLC left and some medium range spells after the top of turn 1, he needed to come to me, and I should have let him.  A valuable lesson learned for Adepticon.

More to come!

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