Adepticon Review Part 1: The Arrival, Swag Bag, and spending too much already

Alright, I’ve finally found time to start my Adepticon review!  This first one will cover initial impressions of the event.  We had a large contingent of Outlanders heading out – 10 in all, competing in a variety of fantasy, 40k, and warmachine events.  We went to Chicago in three waves – an early group at like 6 am, I was in the middle of the day group since that was when I could get off work, and then we had a few guys who had to stick around for a night class and couldn’t even leave until about 7 pm on Thursday night.  Our advanced car got there early enough that they got the battle foam bag the Adepticon guys were toating.  We lovingly referred to it as a the “battlefoamless bag” since it was just the bag itself and no foam – but that’s a clever marketing tool to get your butt in their shop and buy their foam!

We got there around 7 pm and as soon as we unloaded our car (it’s amazing how much stuff four guys can lug to a huge gaming event) at the hotel, we went straight to Adepticon.  We stayed at a small hotel less than a quarter mile from the Westin, and it served its purposes quite well.  When we got there the Adepticon folks had plenty of people still working check in, and I got my bag and badge no problem.  I rummaged through the bag quickly, but I could tell that I would need to spread out on a hotel  bed to see everything that was in there … it was so much stuff (more on that later).

The hotel itself was awesome.  The halls were well lit, and the chairs were comfortable … am must have for as much gaming as I was about to put in.  The fantasy hall, although smaller, was particularly nice because it had tall windows and had great natural lighting.

There's just something about natural light that takes the edge off...

Although the actual vendor hall wasn’t open Thursday night,  a game store from Ohio had set up camp in the hallway outside the 40k hall (sorry no pics of the store … totally forgot!).  They had these clear rubermaid tubs full of bitz and old kits for 40k, fantasy, warmachine, battlefleet gothic, epic, man o’ war … it was awesome.  DanGor, our resident Beastmen player, was finding Bestigors from the new kit full assembled, filed, and on the base for $1.00 a pop, and was grabbing them like candy.  The first night I went to the warmachine stuff and pilfered some cheap Cygnar and a cheap Eiryss.  Then I heard they were selling all the plastic kits they had on display behind the counter at 20% off retail price … hellooooo demigryphs!

So after spending some dollars way quicker than I anticipated we went back to the hotel and unloaded the swag bags.


Wow.  Off the top of my head mantic had sprues in there to make 6 squats, there was some road warrior chieftan style mini, I somehow managed to get the special Adepticon mini even though I wasn’t in the first 1,000 purchases.  We got a sweet Adepticon patch from Battlefoam.  Galeforce Nine had some terrain counters in there, badger airbrush had two paint samples, armorcast had some “special effects” pieces: metal castings of exploding bolter shells you glue to a bolter so it looks like your marine is actually firing something, war gamma had sample resin bases, and secret weapon miniatures had sample resin bases and sample washes.  I was so impressed with Secret Weapons Miniatures I emailed them and got them to provide us with stuff for the Bugeater swag bag.

So Thursday night came to a close, and I had to get ready for Friday.  I had a terminator squad unpainted, so I got the basic colors down to be tournament legal, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t done in such a poor way that I couldn’t actually finish the models later.  I was not technically in the tournament yet … I was THE #1 guy on the waitlist … but I would be there bright and early to take advantage of having first dibs.  That’s all for now, stay tuned tomorrow.


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  • Inquisitor_dunn

    Didn’t you get the foam by going to their booth. I saw an interview where you got the free foam to fill by doing that.