Anyone home?

I am home … I promise!  But the drop off in posting is because when one thing ends, another demand on time inevitably comes up!  This month I concluded negotiating my second CBA in two years as a member of the union’s negotiating team, the school year ended, and most importantly the Bugeater GT starts tomorrow!  People going to the GT know that I have only been quiet on this blog – I’m sure they’re getting tired of my emails.  My goal is to take lots of pictures of the event and share them with everyone (the getting ready pictures are already up on our facebook page).

One thing I do want to do when this is all done and dusted is start writing up what exactly we do in preparation for the tournament.  Not because we do it the best or because I want others to model what we do, but good professionals know how to steal like Danny Ocean.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  When I first started planning for the Bugeater back in 2010, one of the first things I did after I booked the weekend was read every tournament report blog post I could get my hands on for the well known, well reviewed events like Adepticon, NOVA, Bolscon, et cetera.  Most of the blog posts were from the perspective of the tournament attendees (what they liked, didn’t), but there a few diamonds out there written by the TOs about their experiences.  Those proved invaluable to my planning, and I feel that if I could in any way help other TOs by posting our group’s experiences, then so be it.

On that note, everything is at the school now, and as soon as the football team gets done using the gyms for their summer camp a swarm of gamers will descend upon the gyms as we move the tables and terrain from the classroom we used for storage into Wildcat 2 where the tournament will take place.  Open gaming, blood bowl, and combat patrol await on Friday night!

That’s all for now.

-Tim out.

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  • Inquisitor_dunn

    Awesome!!! Minutes before we leave for Omaha….. I look forward to your article on the BGT. Des Miones seems like a good spot to draw regional players from MN, MO, IL, and IA. With more info, maybe this can become a reality.

  • Inquisitor_dunn

    Oh also, is there a players chioce award for the BGT? If not maybe we should talk about next years…..