Actually playing some Warhammer

Before I begin my series of posts about the Bugeater GT, and the “behind the scenes” of getting a GT level event ready, I figured I would post about my own gaming for once.  Being a TO creates an unusual situation where the conclusion of my tournament makes me go home and put stuff together and get ready to game, rather than the usual “I need a week or two to burn recover.”  If there’s one thing I was feeling this past weekend, it was definitely jealousy – watching everyone get their games in quickly reminded me about how much I enjoyed my time at Adepticon.  I made a commitment that I would go to another two-day event this year, come hell or high water.  I’m debating between two events, both in September, and it really comes down to which fits my personal schedule better.  The first is the NOVA Open, and the second is Rock Wars GT.  Both have been great friends of our event, so I want to support them, and there’s good fantasy gaming to be had at either event (although the NOVA is obviously known much more for their 40k gaming).  A friend of mine asked why I didn’t want to play 40k at the NOVA, and there’s two reasons.  First: it starts on Friday, whereas Fantasy starts on Saturday (I can avoid taking a day off of teaching).  Second, my 40k projects are in limbo waiting for 6th edition, and I don’t feel like getting an army ready for one last 5th ed hurrah.  On top of that, I’m really digging my new Empire book and want to continue in developing my army.

Rock Wars is at the end of September down in Little Rock, and there are already two locals going down there but it doesn’t benefit from Labor Day for the return travel home.  I only have one personal day to use during the school year, and my goal is to save that one for Adepticon.  If I can find a pair of flights that works, then I’ll strongly consider going because Hayne and co. were great guys up here last week.

On the subject of the Empire, I definitely say that I like the new stuff now that I’ve actually had a chance to play with the toys.  Hurricanum + Warrior Priest passively produces some of the best abilities that I’ve been running with lore of light.  The dilemma is whether or not I should go with a lvl 4/lvl 2 and 2 warrior priests or a lvl 2 and a pope mobile.  I did a test game with 2 warrior priests, and a lvl 4 and lvl 2 with beasts; after that I’m leaning towards pope just because I missed the 18″ leadership 9 bubble.  I didn’t do so hot in my test game, namely because I kept forgetting tons of stuff throughout the game, but I played against Russ and his Skaven at 2500 points.  One unit of demigryphs took care of his abom, the other never really got into combat because we had to call the game when the store closed, but my smaller (40 man) block of halberds got into combat with his plague monks.  They ultimately lost combat because of the furnace, but they managed to do 15 wounds from 33 attacks against t4 opponents, and that was only from hatred and the hurricanum (some wretched magic phases meant I didn’t get any warrior priest bound spells off).

So for now I’m putting the demigryphs together – I know I’ll be taking those for sure – and envisioning how I want the hurricanum to be as a model.  That’s one that I know I would like to convert.  My goal from now to September is to get a couple of practice games in a week (unlike Adepticon were I got 2 practice games in).  We’ll see how it goes.  For now – decision making time!

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  • Good seeing you again this year!  I had fun, bummer we didn’t get a lot of chance to talk, though I fully understand that as a TO you’re a busy (not to mention popular, and dare I say…. good looking?) guy.  What’s the next big event you’re going to?  I’ll be at the NOVA, finances willing.  Hopefully I’ll see ya there!