Success and Return to Blogging

Like some other bloggers, real life has temporarily taken over.  Fortunately, my gluttonous work load has receded and I even have time to blog again.  I had a really ambitious agenda of posts in July / August, but after listening to the last podcast of Heelanhammer, I realized that the ancillary things I do related to this hobby (blogging, tournament planning) need to come second. If I don’t have time to actually paint and play Warhammer, then why do I have this site?  The decision paid off, and I’ve gotten in at least a game a week with my Empire to get ready for the Rock Wars GT at the end of September and even managed to get most of my new Empire painted.

During that time, I’ve really come to love twitter for our hobby.  I wasn’t a big believer when I listened to the English podcast guys rave about it, but it really is a nice way to stay in touch and share what you’re working on.  Most of my hobby progress pics I’ve uploaded straight to twitter to share.  If you want to chat it up on twitter, find me @bugeatergames.

But as I said, my real life dearth of responsibilities has started to diminish a little bit.  I completed my MA in History on August 10th, which was a huge weight off my shoulders.  Now that we’re finishing the third week of the new school year, I’ve started to get my new prep (AP European History) under control and I’m not working until 11 pm or midnight each night like I have been.

In my blogger Babylonian Captivity I’ve kept notes on what I’ve wanted to talk about.  Here’s the nutshell of what posts you’ll be seeing real soon:

  • The Outlander Warhammer League – I really fell in love with the ETC after this year’s event, especially with all the great twitter coverage.  It really isn’t feasible for us to a tournament here, though, so we’re going to stretch it out to a multi-month league with 4 man teams.  Details on rules and everything coming soon.
  • Behind the Scenes Part 3: The tournament planning series hasn’t gone away, I’ll be talking about funds and securing sponsors
  • Developments for Bugeater 2013 – we’re already busy!
  • Getting ready for Rock Wars GT – list, army pics, etc.

That’s all for now.  Good luck to everyone I know at the NOVA, some year I will actually make it out there!

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