Outlander League

I absolutely fell in love with the ETC this year.  I knew about the ETC, and read the threads about it in the past, but with my increased use of twitter for warhammer 2012 ETC was taken to a whole new level.  I was rooting for England, mainly because I had no info on the US team and I had listened to Heelanhammer before it shut down and still listen to Bad Dice. Ben and Gareth’s tweets, updates, and blog posts added a ton of excitement to the event.  In the last round, England needed a max win (100 points) to get third, and Ben was tweeting a countdown of how many points they had to go as their players logged their results.  They got the max win, took third, and because the England team won the 40k side, they also took the overall ETC victory across all fields.

I really like the idea of a team tournament.  We did a little bit of that last year in a store vs. store event.  I think the strategy of list construction from a team standpoint and then figuring out matchups each round adds a lot of depth to the game.  Plus, you can cheer your friends on because they’re your team mates, you don’t need to worry about playing them.

I knew we could port the ETC over to Omaha because of time.  It took them a day to do just two rounds over in Poland, and our tournament schedule is already pretty full.  Instead, we’re going to try out the Outlander League – essentially an ETC style tournament stretched out over a multi-month league.

Here are the preliminary rules:

Each team consists of four players.

Each team will play all the other teams in the league.  Assuming four teams (our target goal), this means there will be three rounds in the league.

Teams will have a month to arrange the time to play their round.  Once the date has been set, teams have until a week before the event to share their lists with the other team.  Each player must produce a 2500 point list.  These lists can change from round to round (you can even play an entirely different army if you want!).

The Round Itself

Everyone plays a standard Pitched Battle match up.

There is a coinflip.  The losing team (A) puts a player forward.  The other team (B), picks the player that will play against them.

Team B then puts a player forward, and Team A picks the player that will play against them.

Team A then puts a player forward, and Team B picks the player that will play against them.

The remaining two players will match up.


The results of each game are determined based on the 20-0 battle point system.  Sum up the battle points from all four match ups. The team with the greater combined battle points wins. There is a possibility of 0-80 battle points, but to make sure that one team doesn’t run away with the league after a huge win, the max you can earn is 60 and the minimum you can earn is 35. So you’re still in the hunt after a bad round. If there’s a tiebreaker, then we go to full battle points to sort that out (so if two teams earned 60 points each round, but one of those teams was actually getting full 80, it goes to them).

The winning team is awarded the Outlander Cup.

We’re tentatively looking to start the league in November.  For practical traveling purposes, teams have to be in/around Omaha.

If you’re interested, let me know.   We have at least two teams forming up at Lair 2.


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