Christmas is awesome.

Alive and well in 2013

Inspired by some other “I’m back” posts from Hulksmash and Inquisitor Dunn, I figured I should get off my butt and get my blog updated.  For one, GT planning is full speed ahead now that we’re actually in 2013, and second I’ve made it a New Year’s Resolution to ensure that I take time to enjoy doing the things I want to do.  I love my job teaching and coaching, but to avoid burnout and stress I need to keep my free time free … and filled with Warhammer!

I’m pretty satisfied with my fantasy army, my Empire collection is growing, I like my paint scheme, and I like playing the army and its synergies.  With 40k my Space Marines are okay and my Skaven (counts as Tau) are on hold until I see the codex.  I really wanted to dive right in and do Tau w/ Ork allies, but I was hesitant since there’s supposed to be a Tau codex sometime this year and I”d hate to invest a year of converting into an army that is no longer functional or viable.  That being said, my 40k itch has been bugging me since 6th ed came out and I got a taste of competition sixth edition at the Khornehusker this past fall.  That, coupled with reading some excellent Horus Heresy novels (I actually LIKE the Ultramarines now, something I thought I’d never say!) had me looking at Forgeworld’s site more and more.

Christmas is awesome.

Thanks to Christmas and some awesome in laws along with my wife, my 30k collection has started. I only have enough for a tac squad and my command squad right now, but I want to take my time putting this army together.  I’m not sure what legion I’m going to do yet, I might do Imperial Fists or I may be tempted to flesh out my idea for the II Legion Astartes.

I was really torn how I wanted to represent the army on the table top. I knew I wanted a true “traditional” space marine force of tac squads, a command squad with an apothecary, et cetera.  The problem was that I also wanted the list to be decently competitive – I knew I was compromising some competitive strength for fluff (possibly no librarian depending on when my army is fighting relative to Nikaea) but I didn’t want to get mowed over in tournaments.  Vanilla space marines didn’t really do much for me, and I flirted with a strange death company / command squad assault based list from Blood Angels for about a week ….


….and then the Dark Angels codex came out. I am in love with this codex.  The Banner of Devastation basically gives tac squads the same special rule that can be found in the Horus Heresy book (fire 4x while stationary).  So right now I’m toying around with an 1850 list that has 3 tac squads, 2 devastator squads, and a couple of deep striking terminator squads to put the hurt on.  I still need to get some games in though, but I’m excited to have the modeling / playing itch again!

Well that’s all for now.  In addition to Bugeater planning I’m looking for a tournament or two to attend this year in addition to the usual Adepticon trip.  Unfortunately, both Nova Open and Rock Wars are out because my entire September just got blanked.  Can’t say why just yet in case it falls through, but some exciting stuff that I’ll be happy to share if it falls into place.  I know for sure in about a month and a half.

Until next time (and hopefully with pictures of models), happy wargaming!

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