Our 2013 Adepticon Journey, Part 2

Note: Read my part one, covering our arrival and my Friday gaming here.

Saturday: The 40k Team Tournament

As I said in my first post I had been hoping to play in the fantasy tournament and try out my Inner Circle knight bus, but I was recruited into our group’s 40k team after one of their members dropped.  They actually had two members drop, but another guy in our group who just planned on going to seminars on Saturday and Sunday jumped in as well.  These guys had a really grand plan for their team tournament – they had fallen in love with the Horus Heresy and wanted to do a team of armies from the Isstvan 3 battle where the traitor legions purged their ranks of those still loyal to the Emperor.   Each team member was going to represent a separate legion: Emperor’s Children, World Eaters, Luna Wolves, and Death Guard.  The two guys that dropped only had a small fraction of their army painted and ready so we combined the Death Guard and World Eaters models into one army list that I played.  Our other replacement player, Russ, brought his IG since there were Imperial Army at Isstvan.

The four legions and Imperial Army in the ruins of Isstvan 3.

The four legions and Imperial Army in the ruins of Isstvan 3.

In their panic to get two replacement players, the main guys (Jon and Matt) hadn’t even built a display board.  I gave them some of my terrain to use, and the night before the tournament they put our display board together.  For a one night effort, I was pretty impressed.

Our lists were not well tuned nor did we have a chance to play any games with each other, so we went in just hoping to enjoy the experience.  At this point, the sight of the cool display board picked my spirits up a bit (although I was still missing fantasy at this point).  I then went around the room and looked at all the other teams.  I quickly realized how awesome the hobby side of the team tournament is – there are so many teams that are clearly in it to show off their theme and hobby skills rather than emphasizing their wins on the table top.  There was a team there with literally hundreds of Fenrisian Wolves and a “Winter is Coming” Stark theme from Game of Thrones – complete with Night’s Watch capes worn by the four team members.  There was even a Sesame Street themed display board.  If you want to see some of these – scroll down to the bottom of this post and see them there.

Jon took drop pod space wolves – some grey hunters, a squad of terminators, and a thunderwolf cav unit (counts as for his jetbike squad).  Matt took blood angels with a couple of assault squads, a vanguard vet squad, and a storm raven (using the storm eagle model – Adepticon does allow some FW models in the team tournament but for point reasons he chose to field the storm raven).  My list had three grey hunter squads, a wolf lord, a rune priest, and 2 dreads.  Russ brought old school AV12 spam IG, but with no vets to speak of save one squad.  He had some autocannon teams, a lot of regular troop squads in chimeras, and a leman russ.

Round 1:

Jon's drop pod wall blocked off Lucius and the other baddies, allowing me to focus on the plague marines and him to kill some isolated squads.

Jon’s drop pod wall blocked off Lucius and the other baddies, allowing me to focus on the plague marines and him to kill some isolated squads.

Tim (me)/Jon on one team, Matt/Russ on another.  We played an all chaos space marine team.

Jon and Matt struggled to kill enough before the Berzerkers got to the gun line.

Jon and Matt struggled to kill enough before the Berzerkers got to the gun line.

Jon and I played a Plague Marine force and a Noise Marine force, Matt and Russ squared off against Thousand Sons and World Eaters.  Our game started off a little stressful because neither Jon nor I realized that Noise Marines blast weapons ignored cover.  We thought getting night fight turn one would protect our stuff (since we had no transports other than the drop pods), but we lost some guys early.  Jon had some bad reserve rolls and one of his turn one pods mishaped and had to stay up in the Battle Barge for another turn.

What ended up happening though worked out really well.  Two of Jon’s drop pods formed a wall that most of the Noise Marines had to go around, allowing him to wipe out the squad in cover and get on the objective.  The Plague Marine player surged forward to me, and although he wrecked my Wolf Lord’s face the Lord managed to get him down to one wound first.  Eventually, a charging in dread finished his lord off and I was able to sweep along the right and take out the rest of his force.  Melta guns love Land Raiders :).

We managed to get max points out of these guys and almost tabled them (damn rhino!).  However, the exact opposite result happened on the other table.  Our guys started off well, tying up the Thousand Sons and killing Ahriman, but they couldn’t slow down the worshipers of Khorne enough and they got into the juice IG line and had fun.  I was 1-0-0, our team was 0-0-1 after round 1.

Round 2:

We played some guys from Blue Table Painting.  They seem to have the best job ever: they were using an army they were putting together, but had yet to be sold.  So they were told to play in the team tournament and show off their product.  They happened to be playing with the new Dark Angels.  This time it was myself and Matt on one table and Jon and Russ on the other.  Jon and Russ got all Ravenwing.  We played a Ravenwing and Green Wing with the dakka banner.

This doesn't bode well: an entire foot slogging force versus a gun line, behind an aegis, with the dakka banner.  You can imagine how this ended.

This doesn’t bode well: an entire foot slogging force versus a gun line, behind an aegis, with the dakka banner. You can imagine how this ended.

This didn’t end well. The Dark Angels guys sent a ravenwing squad forward and some deepstriking deathwing to tie us up and give their gunline more turns to shoot. Our plan was to have Matt’s guys tie up their advancing forces while my dreads and grey hunters ran as quickly as possible to their line. Although we killed their advanced stuff we got mowed down and only a handful of marines got to the line and Azrael was kind enough to finish them off. We did have some bad luck here – Matt’s stormraven failed to crack the razorback the banner was hiding in on three turns of shooting – but it exposed the serious flaw in going with no transports. Rhinos would have easily bought us one if not two turns before having to bail out and foot slog. On the other table they wiped out the ravenwing opponents save for like two bikes, but their troops got decimated too and so it was a draw because no one could get objectives. Personal loss and team loss.

After 2 rounds: 1-0-1 (me), 0-1-1 (team).

At this point I do want to say that I was totally digging the two day format compared to last year.  We had plenty of time to get lunch and still have plenty of time for set up / tear down between the rounds.  For anyone who hasn’t gone to Adepticon before and is going next year: take a short walk (or really short car ride) to the mall across the street from the hotel.  There is a really nice food court with all the basics in there that is much more affordable than the hotel food.

Round 3

After the serious butt kicking we took in round 2, I was worried about if I could enjoy the other games now that I realized the significant design flaw in our lists.  Round 3 I was paired with Matt again, and we played a very hodge podge team on multiple levels.  They were an international conglomerate: an American, an Aussie, a Brit, and a Canadian.  I played with the Aussie (orks) and the American (chaos space marines).  I should also note that through three rounds I’ve seen zero fliers on the other side of the table.

When this is your attempt to hold the relic, you know you're in trouble! :)

When this is your attempt to hold the relic, you know you’re in trouble! :)

Round 3 was the relic.  I hate the relic, and this was going to be a tough matchup because we were ill equipped for the ork horde.   We won the dice role and elected to go first.  Our plan was simple: have Matt’s guys jump pack up 12″ on turn one, and on turn two jump back and hide in our deployment zone and force them to come to us.  That all came crashing down when they seized the initiative.  I knew at that point the game was lost.  The plague marines came up and got on the relic.  Next turn I had some crazy good shooting through night fight and wittled down his plague marine squad, and then Matt came in and got the relic.

But because they went first, his teammate’s orks had a chance to get closer on turn one and then assault on turn 2.  You can imagine how this turned out.  At this point we had fun playing for moral victories: the CSM warlord turned into a daemon prince and we made it our solemn vow to slay the foul abomination of chaos, which we did.  We lost badly, as did our partners on the other table.

So after round 3, I am 1-0-2, and as a team we were 0-1-2.

This dig site army was super impressive.

This dig site army was super impressive.

Although those last two games were rather frustrating in terms of getting our butts kicked, I was still having a really really fun time.  Matt and Jon were fun to play with, and our opponents were great to play against.  And quite honestly, I was really loving taking the  whole atmosphere in.  There were teams with back banners walking around showing off their fluff.  There was a team that I absolutely loved that did Tau / Necrons with some amazing back story and they even produced a freaking comic book to explain why the Tau and Necrons were teaming up.


I took yet another group of folks to Portillos (I wanted a shot at eating the hot dog, since I had the italian beef the night before), and then we went to the garage sale.   On Saturday night (and Friday night), guys set up shop in the main hall and it turns into a kind of bazaar.  Russ walked away with a completely painted CSM army, including terminators and a land raider for $60.  That guy knows how to deal.  Russ is a former outrider, and can never have enough models. 

This was an actual conversation that took place:

Russ: Is a defiler for $25 a good deal?

Me: Those retail for like $50, so yeah.

Russ: What about 3 defilers for $60?

Me: Um yes….

[5 minutes later]

Russ (while smiling): I talked him down to $50 for 3.

JT came away with a nice dark elf army including the army book, I bought some warmachine models that I had been looking for (Forgeguard!)  So overall, a smashing success.

In Fantasy land, our three players did pretty well.  Billy was 3-0 with Dark Elves, JT and Adam were 2-1 with Lizardmen and Vampire Counts.

In Warmachine land, Dan won the tier tournament (although it started Friday night, it didn’t finish until 3 am Saturday so  it goes in the part 2 update) and qualified for the masters.  We’ll talk about that in our part 3 though, because that happened on Sunday….

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