Important March Hare/Bugeater GT announcement!

Hey all! The March Hare, the big annual Warhammer Fantasy RTT in Omaha, is right around the corner.  As we work to finalize the rules and composition pack, I want to go ahead announce a little incentive for anyone considering going to the tournament but still sitting on the fence.  The Best Overall at the […]

Prize support has arrived!

Thanks to Fantasy Flight Games, we’ll have two Deathwatch core rule sets to give away (one is the Collector’s Edition copy of the book) plus two expansion rule sets and some other goodies. FFG was fantastic last year, and they’re ace this year again.

Friday Night: What should be have on the menu?

Next week, the “Council of 13,” as we are calling ourselves, is meeting to tackle various GT questions including our Friday and Saturday night agendas.  I’d like to take some player base feedback to the meeting as well – so what would you like to see on Friday night?

Quick Notes: 40k Charity RTT Thoughts

Sometimes I am going to have “quick notes” posts, which will be a list of minor observations or thoughts that have some sort of overall cohesion between them – in this case they are all thoughts from my time at the Charity RTT the Game Shoppe held this past weekend.  I took my 1750 Tau […]


The Value of Lore of Light

Aside from the Game Shoppe’s Charity Foodhammer tournament next weekend, I am about to enter a four month Warhammer Fantasy binge.  I’ve been assembling and painting my Empire army for the eventual trip to the current Mecca of wargaming, Adepticon, along with seven other members of the Lair 2 crew.  The month prior to Adepticon, […]