Cost Comparison: Warhammer Fantasy to 40k

Over a year since its release, 8th edition fantasy has certainly polarized people’s opinions about the game … at least on the internet.  I’ve sparred with other blogs in the past on the validity of Warhammer Fantasy as an effective game system, and I do not want to unearth that particular debate again.  In this […]


New Store: Universal Bitz and Games

As I get caught up on my blog posts, I wanted to make sure I got this one up soon to help get the word out.  Lloyd McKibban, who won a modeling award at the Bugeater last year, is part of a group of individuals who have opened a new game store up in Sioux […]

Khornehusker RTT Report: Finally!

Alright, so this thing happened in the middle of October, and it’s Christmas Eve, but better late than never, right?  I had a particularly busy semester with the toughest class of my masters program and fairly busy debate schedule taking me to Des Moines (twice), Cedar Rapids, Norfolk, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Chicago.  Fortunately, the […]


Ads on the blog

Hi everyone, The RTT report is coming … I promise.  A debate tournament this past weekend and some back logged grading has put that on the back burner, but it is almost done.  In an effort to maximize the amount of money we can use for prizes and give to the debate team for the […]


Necron points and rules

Credits go to Fritz for having the images, but I’m sharing them here as well since I know a good number of local/regional players who don’t hit up the blog roll as much as I do.  To summarize: Necrons got cheap!