Bugeater GT Update

Hey everyone, an update for the Bugeater GT: Mark your calendars down for June 25th and 26th, 2011 as the official days of the Bugeater GT.  I confirmed the use of the facilities for that weekend.  I heard from a couple of people about the College World Series, but since it will be at the […]


8th Edition Rumors Part 2

Alright, the end of the school year slowed me down a bit – but here is part of the 8th edition rumors round up.  This post will cover shooting, and close combat.


8th Edition Rumors Part 1

By Timmy May 19th, 2010 Hey everyone, I’ve been awfully quiet on the Warhammer front, and for good reason.  After finishing my Vampire Counts and taking second in our store’s league, I’ve gotten the itch to do a Napoleonic warhammer army using the awesome and cheap Perry Miniatures range.  However, Games Workshop has announced that […]


Paint and Play Battle Report

May 10, 2010 by Timmay Well, I got several more games in at DL1 to get a better feel for my army at a higher point level (1500 points), since up until this month we were playing at 1000 or less.  This month, I was finally done having to combat squad one of my tac […]


Battle Report: vs. Space Wolves

May 2nd, 2010 This is the second of two battle reports from this past Sunday, and this is another 1500 point battle.  My list is the 1250 one on the sidebar over there, plus Vulkan and another HK missile. This time I’m playing a kid and his Space Wolves.  Now, I’m going to be as […]