Battle Report: vs. Necrons

Hey everyone.  I went down to the other Dragon’s Lair again this Sunday and got a pair of games in.  This first game was against Necrons, and it was a Seize Ground mission (5 objectives) with spearhead deployment.  His list was as follows:

April Battle Report #3: Tau

Hey everyone, although my league games were done for the month, I wanted to head in and get another game in this week.  There were still some people that needed their “official” games, but I found a Tau player who was also just looking to play – he wanted to see how his 1000 point […]


Announcing the Bugeater GT

Exciting news everyone – although the specific weekend is still being worked out, I can say with certainty that in June 2011 the first annual Bugeater GT will be taking place in Omaha.  Now, here’s the great thing about this tournament: it will be hosted at the high school that I teach at, and because […]


April Battle Report #2

Alright, last week I played poorly and showed that I still have a ways to go to get the rules figured out.  This week, I needed to bounce back with a win, but standing in the way was a ton of Imperial Guard.  Here was his list:

Building A Warhammer Army

I have been totally enjoying my time with 40k, and I can definitely see myself playing this game for a long, long time.  That being said, fantasy is the first GW game I played, and after putting my Vampire Counts in storage several months ago, I’m starting to hear that siren call again to play […]