Interview with Gav Thorpe

Gav Thorpe has always been very open and active with various online communities for GW games, and I had talked with him first during the Storm of Chaos, and a few times more when I was the admin of  When I first started this blog, my main goal was to write about my own […]


April Battle Report #1

Hey everyone, It has been a few weeks, but I’ve got a battle report. I’ve been keeping my list on the side bar of the site, so you can see that I added a land raider redeemer with multi melta to the list. I don’t have the terminators yet, so I’m running one of my […]


Paint and Play: Pre-April Judging

Well, today is a good day for me.  I officially started my 6 weeks of paternity leave today.  My wife and I had our first date since the Friday before Valentine’s Day.  And to top it all off, I managed to get some work done on my land raider for this Monday’s judging in the […]


Building a Competitive tournament

Hey everyone, I received a lot more feedback to my competitive tournaments article, and rather than try and reply to all of them and make the comments section even longer, I’m  going to post a follow up article instead to address some of the things people said:

Site improvements

Hey everyone, I’m going to be working on some improvements to the site to make it easier for people to follow/comment/see when I post updates.  I saw a lot of other 40k blogs using google friend connect, but I realized that they were also using blogger, which had more useful functions embedded since blogger is […]