Competitive Tournaments

Timmay here.  I’ve said before I can’t claim to be a 40k expert since I’m just starting the game, so I definitely can’t say that I have even a shred of experience at 40k tournaments.  That being said, I feel the issues I’ll be addressing in this post translate over fairly well from my experience […]

The sky is falling!

For a little while, at least, you won’t see me posting much in the way of 40k tactics since I’ve only played the game a handful of times.  I do think, however, that after playing Warhammer for 10+ years and running a fan site for several years I feel I’ve got enough experience to make […]

Paint and Play March

I’m getting caught up with my log that I was putting on Warseer here, so this post is a straight copy and paste job from my log on that site.

Finding an Ideal Combat System

In the introductory post for this page, I mentioned that I really want to develop a ruleset to serve as an alternative to Warhammer.  It could be nothing more than an academic exercise or it could be something greater, but I want to do it nonetheless.  One of the areas where I don’t have a […]