Actually playing some Warhammer

Before I begin my series of posts about the Bugeater GT, and the “behind the scenes” of getting a GT level event ready, I figured I would post about my own gaming for once.  Being a TO creates an unusual situation where the conclusion of my tournament makes me go home and put stuff together […]

Anyone home?

I am home … I promise!  But the drop off in posting is because when one thing ends, another demand on time inevitably comes up!  This month I concluded negotiating my second CBA in two years as a member of the union’s negotiating team, the school year ended, and most importantly the Bugeater GT starts […]

photo 1

Adepticon is done!

We are back from Adpeticon!  I’ll be posting more over the week as my mind recovers, but that was a FULL weekend.  We had 10 go from the Outriders to the Mecca of wargaming.  I played in the 40k Championships.  Jon played in the 40k Gladiator.  Dan played in the Warmachine tournament on Friday.  Russ, […]


Better a Month Late than Never: March Hare Round 3 vs. Skaven

Sorry this one has been so late getting out, two weeks of illness and getting my last term paper done for my degree was putting a damper on blogging.  I have a lot to write about – Adepticon, the Bugeater, my army projects, but before I do all of that I have to draw closure […]