Anyone home?

I am home … I promise!  But the drop off in posting is because when one thing ends, another demand on time inevitably comes up!  This month I concluded negotiating my second CBA in two years as a member of the union’s negotiating team, the school year ended, and most importantly the Bugeater GT starts […]

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Adepticon is done!

We are back from Adpeticon!  I’ll be posting more over the week as my mind recovers, but that was a FULL weekend.  We had 10 go from the Outriders to the Mecca of wargaming.  I played in the 40k Championships.  Jon played in the 40k Gladiator.  Dan played in the Warmachine tournament on Friday.  Russ, […]


Better a Month Late than Never: March Hare Round 3 vs. Skaven

Sorry this one has been so late getting out, two weeks of illness and getting my last term paper done for my degree was putting a damper on blogging.  I have a lot to write about – Adepticon, the Bugeater, my army projects, but before I do all of that I have to draw closure […]


The Empire: What We Know

On forums around the internet, we’re now starting to get an idea of what is in the new book / what’s changing for the Empire.  I’m not concerned about the pictures of the models (those have been out for days).  Here is the list of things that seem pretty accurate given that they’ve come from […]