The Empire: What We Know

On forums around the internet, we’re now starting to get an idea of what is in the new book / what’s changing for the Empire.  I’m not concerned about the pictures of the models (those have been out for days).  Here is the list of things that seem pretty accurate given that they’ve come from […]


Space Marines: Two Lists

So I’ve narrowed my options down to Space Marines.  I love my skaven in pace army, but I don’t want to rush the conversions or paint jobs just to get them to Adepticion.  I’ll take them next year, hopefully using the new codex they’re rumored to get in Q1 of 2013.  That leaves my space […]


Adepticon: Marines or Tau?

With the March Hare behind me and my fantasy army pretty solidly figured out for Adepticon, I need to figure out by the end of the week what I’m doing for 40k.  My options are Space Marines or Tau.  Space Marines would require much less painting work to get ready, but 1850 is an awkward […]

Yes, this really is a 2500 point army.  Don't let the size fool you.  Also - his base was awesome for the Destroyer!

March Hare Report: Game 2 vs. Chaos Dwarfs

Sorry for the delay, but getting ready for the state debate tournament took up a good amount of time last week!  Game 2 of the March Hare was against a local Chaos Dwarf player hailing from the Game Shoppe.  I have barely any familiarity with the army book (this was my first game against it), […]


March Hare Report: Game 1 vs. Warriors of Chaos

This week I’ll be posting my battle reports for the March Hare.  It was the 14th annual March Hare RTT, and we had 20 people this year, including three coming up from Kansas City!  I took my Empire army (list below), which was almost fully painted, but I didn’t get the horses done or the […]