Operation Paint an Army: Still Alive

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, but I am still working diligently on my Empire army.  A convergence of several real life variables: papers for grad class, national qualifiers for debate (Our team took both spots to nationals for policy debate!), and negotiating a CBA between the district and our education association […]

Wow. Sold Out. (In Fantasy)

This time two weeks ago, registrations were proceeding at a smooth pace.  We had about 25 spots left to fill in both 40k and fantasy, and I was confident that with some marketing those would be filled by the time we got to the tournament.  I was worried about whether the cut off date for […]


Operation Paint an Army: Week 2 done

It took me a day longer than I anticipated, but with me having today off for President’s Day I wasn’t too worried.  I got the steam tank, a mortar, a cannon, and an engineer painted and ready to go (again as I’ve mentioned in previous posts – the wash is done the last drybrush highlights […]


Operation Paint an Army: Update #3

Alright, slowed a little bit again today because I had to take my daughter in for some tests (all good – she’s as healthy as can be), so I’ll need to play some catch up tomorrow night.  The steam tank is done (again “done” for the March Hare means washed.  I’ll go back and do […]

Steam Tank Update

I was slowed down a little bit this week, but the steam tank is pretty much ready for the devlan mud wash (the back wheels need to be done and that’s pretty much all that’s left).  That gives me Friday and Saturday to work on the war machines to keep on my goals.  I have […]