Operation Paint an Army: Update

I had grad class tonight so it cut into my painting time, but I met my micro goal of getting the gold trim on the steam tank painted up (the picture was taken earlier in the evening before I finished up the trim).  Tomorrow I will finish up the details on the main body of […]


Operation Paint an Army

About four weeks from now, the Outlanders will host their perennial staple of the Warahmmer calendar, the March Hare RTT.  Run by venerable sage Russ Barnes, this is the event that we all really look forward to.  Although it is now a tune up for the Bugeater GT for many, since I will be running […]

Fantasy Comp: Some Thoughts

In the week since we released our fantasy comp pack, I’ve gotten some great feedback from a variety of sources.  Some of it has been very complimentary and some of it has been very negative (up to and including “I will not attend your event as long as it has comp.”).  Comp is always a […]

Yes, the truth hurts: you need to get out and play

I’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that I disagree strongly with Stelek’s perceptions of Fantasy in 8th edition, and with his poor, and often inconsistent advice about fantasy.  Even when I clearly demonstrated that one of his points on fantasy (that it is nearly twice the cost of 40k) was wrong, and he […]

Fantasy Comp is out!

Hey all – just a quick update that the fantasy comp is now publicly available.  While we still don’t have soft comp (strength of list evaluation or opponent assessment of your army), we have increased our hard comp.  While we’re not anywhere near the North Star GT’s restrictions, we did implement more army specific restrictions […]