Allies and Meta

Let me start off by saying that since Adepticon, I had played a grand total of three fully pointed games of Warhammer 40k leading up to the Khornehusker.  I had played a smattering of kill team and 500 / 750 point games for our store’s paint and play league, but that’s it.  Real life comes first of […]


Regiment of Renown and Kill Team

About three weeks ago, debate nationals concluded and I flew home from Birmingham.  I was working on my Imperial Fists one day, when I realized that I didn’t have anything pressing to worry about in real life for several weeks.  Then it hit me: this is the first summer that I don’t have grad school […]


Ads on the blog

Hi everyone, The RTT report is coming … I promise.  A debate tournament this past weekend and some back logged grading has put that on the back burner, but it is almost done.  In an effort to maximize the amount of money we can use for prizes and give to the debate team for the […]


Announcing the Bugeater GT

Exciting news everyone – although the specific weekend is still being worked out, I can say with certainty that in June 2011 the first annual Bugeater GT will be taking place in Omaha.  Now, here’s the great thing about this tournament: it will be hosted at the high school that I teach at, and because […]