Outlander League

I absolutely fell in love with the ETC this year.  I knew about the ETC, and read the threads about it in the past, but with my increased use of twitter for warhammer 2012 ETC was taken to a whole new level.  I was rooting for England, mainly because I had no info on the […]


Operation Paint an Army

About four weeks from now, the Outlanders will host their perennial staple of the Warahmmer calendar, the March Hare RTT.  Run by venerable sage Russ Barnes, this is the event that we all really look forward to.  Although it is now a tune up for the Bugeater GT for many, since I will be running […]

Fantasy Comp: Some Thoughts

In the week since we released our fantasy comp pack, I’ve gotten some great feedback from a variety of sources.  Some of it has been very complimentary and some of it has been very negative (up to and including “I will not attend your event as long as it has comp.”).  Comp is always a […]


Cost Comparison: Warhammer Fantasy to 40k

Over a year since its release, 8th edition fantasy has certainly polarized people’s opinions about the game … at least on the internet.  I’ve sparred with other blogs in the past on the validity of Warhammer Fantasy as an effective game system, and I do not want to unearth that particular debate again.  In this […]

New Warhammer terrain

Credit to Bell of Lost Souls for the original photo.  Say what you want about GW’s rules or marketing strategies, they absolutely demolish any other company in terms of the plastic kits they are putting out on the market.  You better believe you’ll see at least one of these at a Bugeater table this June: