Paint and Play Battle Report: Da Orkz

A week ago, I played Russ for my second game of the 1750 point month.  Russ has been around for a long time, has worked as a community leader for GW (Outrider?  I forget what they called them), and runs the 40k and Fantasy nights at Dragon’s Lair.  I had played him in a pre-league […]


Paint and Play Battle Report

May 10, 2010 by Timmay Well, I got several more games in at DL1 to get a better feel for my army at a higher point level (1500 points), since up until this month we were playing at 1000 or less.  This month, I was finally done having to combat squad one of my tac […]

April Battle Report #3: Tau

Hey everyone, although my league games were done for the month, I wanted to head in and get another game in this week.  There were still some people that needed their “official” games, but I found a Tau player who was also just looking to play – he wanted to see how his 1000 point […]


April Battle Report #1

Hey everyone, It has been a few weeks, but I’ve got a battle report. I’ve been keeping my list on the side bar of the site, so you can see that I added a land raider redeemer with multi melta to the list. I don’t have the terminators yet, so I’m running one of my […]