Regiment of Renown and Kill Team

About three weeks ago, debate nationals concluded and I flew home from Birmingham.  I was working on my Imperial Fists one day, when I realized that I didn’t have anything pressing to worry about in real life for several weeks.  Then it hit me: this is the first summer that I don’t have grad school to worry about in three years!  This was officially going to be a good summer for hobby progress!  My last post certainly indicated as much, with several major projects in the works.  That being said, I think we all realize that it is very easy to start projects, and it is even easier to have half-completed projects collect dust on the shelf than actually finish them.  But before I get to those projects (and I have made good progress!), I want to talk about something that came out of left field and was a present surprise:

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Ads on the blog

Hi everyone,

The RTT report is coming … I promise.  A debate tournament this past weekend and some back logged grading has put that on the back burner, but it is almost done.  In an effort to maximize the amount of money we can use for prizes and give to the debate team for the Bugeater GT, I’ve put some adsense banners up on this blog and on the gt page.  I don’t expect to make a ton of money off of them, but any money helps to mitigate web hosting and other expenses.  PLEASE, do NOT take this post as an invitation to spam click the ads … as another blog recently found out (the specific blog is escaping me at the moment), because if you do they’ll probably take away all the revenue for the unusually high traffic.

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