Adepticon After Action Report

Adepticon has come and gone!  It was a five day whirlwind, but as usual I loved every moment of it.  I drove out with Russ, who is one of our local game gurus, on Wednesday afternoon.  Russ has a ton of 40k but lately has been really involved with Mantic’s Kings of War, so even though we were riding out and staying in the same hotel we rarely saw each other during the Con.  But we both started off by going to the GW studio preview:

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Adepticon Prep

So since the Game Shoppe tournament, I’ve been busily trying to get in as many practice games as I can.  I don’t have much time to play with teaching and going to grad school (oh and kids. Kids take up time too), but my goal was to get in at least 6 more games to try and a) finalize my list and b) practice with it as much as I could.

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Game Shoppe RTT

One of my hobby goals is to restart my blog (successfully this time, unlike my “restart” I promised in 2016) to help track what I’m doing for the 2018 ITC season.  Eighth edition has really been a shot in the arm for 40k.  I’ve enjoyed playing competitively for quite some time now, but one of the things that really held me back for a while in terms of effort and enthusiasm was the lack of a strong local player base to get games in regularly to practice.  Thankfully that is totally a thing of the past.  We have three regular 40k nights going in Omaha now, with Thursday and Friday nights being especially popular.

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Adepticon 2016, Part 1

I’m bringing the blog back, and what a better way to kick off than discussing Adepticon 2016!  This was my 5th trip to Adepticon, and was also my shortest.  My usual 40k team tournament members wanted to do other things, and I wanted to make use of the free Saturday/Sunday as well so I was only there on Thursday and Friday to compete in the 40k championships and the 30k tournament.

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Allies and Meta

Let me start off by saying that since Adepticon, I had played a grand total of three fully pointed games of Warhammer 40k leading up to the Khornehusker.  I had played a smattering of kill team and 500 / 750 point games for our store’s paint and play league, but that’s it.  Real life comes first of course, and I was left to painting my Imperial Fists as the only real way of staying connected to the hobby.  The whole time I have been focusing on getting this army ready for Adepticon as part of our team that we’re going to be entering for the 40k team tournament.  I’ve been lamenting over how I’d approach painting a yellow army (such a tough color to paint right, in my opinion) that looks good.  We’re trying to really make a push for best theme at Adepticon.

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