Bugeater 2013 is done! Follow up and thoughts

At the start of the month we held the third annual Bugeater GT at Millard West High School.  It was another successful year overall, raising thousands for the debate team while at the same time allowing gamers to have a great weekend.  In an effort to kick start my blogging and get my posts up I wanted to share my thoughts on the tournament: what our goals were, what went well, what we could have done better, etc.

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Alive and well in 2013

Inspired by some other “I’m back” posts from Hulksmash and Inquisitor Dunn, I figured I should get off my butt and get my blog updated.  For one, GT planning is full speed ahead now that we’re actually in 2013, and second I’ve made it a New Year’s Resolution to ensure that I take time to enjoy doing the things I want to do.  I love my job teaching and coaching, but to avoid burnout and stress I need to keep my free time free … and filled with Warhammer!

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Bugeater GT 40k Primer

Sorry for this getting out so much later than I intended.  I did some reviewing of the new NOVA primer packet and went to make some additions, and then my school laptop got fried.  I had a recent backup, but had to rebuild most of the packet.  The packet was built with the intention of preserving the mission structure that has worked so well the past two years while making sure that we aren’t alienating ourselves from sixth edition so much that it feels like 40k edition 5.5  The final version of the primer missions packet will come out in March, so please give us feedback over the next four months.

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A Bugeater GT Update: Fantasy Comp Draft

Hello all,

The extensive part of the debate season is winding down (although our season goes through March, the in state tournaments are January on, the out of state travel is in the fall and early winter).  During that time we’ve set up sponsors, worked on our tournament staff, and most importantly for the attendees, and we’ve been getting the draft of our rules packs together.  Today we are posting the draft pack for the Warhammer Fantasy tournament.  Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last year’s system, this year is largely an adjustment of what we did last year based on evolving meta and new army books / army book updates.  Please post your feedback here or email it to RoyersT@gmail.com

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Behind the Tourny Scenes Part 3: Funding and Sponsors

Getting ready for your tournament, funding and sponsors should be paramount after you have the overall vision / structure in your head.  When it comes to raising funds, you will have your own (or your group’s) money to serve as a foundation and your revenue from selling tickets.  I would recommend having at least a few hundred dollars that you’re willing to commit from your own pocket for early expenses, because ticket revenue will trickle in and you’ll probably want to lock up at least some of your purchases well in advance.  Especially in the first year of the GT, you might not have significant ticket purchases until the three months or so leading up to the event. We opened up ticket sales for the Bugeater on January 1st during year one, but didn’t see major purchases until March.  And remember that I’m writing this from the perspective of the Bugeater, where we don’t have any expenses for our facilities.  I have no idea if there would be deposits required for other facilities, so keep that in mind as well.

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