Grand Tournament Update Week Day 1

Hello everyone,

There’s been a lot going on lately that I want to update you on – campaigns for both 40k and Fantasy at Dragons Lair Millard, an upcoming 40k RTT down at the Game Shoppe, and everyone getting ready for the March Hare RTT in … March obviously.  I’ve got some battles to report on and some pictures to post of my daemons army, but for the next seven days is all about updates concerning the Bugeater GT.

Today’s update is the newest release of the 40k mission pack.  We’ve changed how we’re going to handle kill points, and now there’s graphics for deployment (although those graphics will be polished up for the final version of the scenario pack).  The scenarios themselves are pretty solidified after some testing, and we think there’s a nice mix of objectives to appease to different army styles.

The mission pack for 40k can be found here.

Tomorrow we will post the first version of the Warhammer Fantasy mission pack.  For those of you curious, since we haven’t posted anything much about fantasy for the GT, here are the restrictions as of right now:

General Rules

The Bugeater Fantasy GT will follow the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rules and all relevant Games Workshop FAQs and Erratas.

Army Construction:

Each player will field a valid 2500 point army, constructed from the valid GW army lists (so no Dogs of War, Ravening Hordes Chaos Dwarfs, or Indy GT Chaos Dwarfs permitted)

NO special characters are allowed, and this includes named unit champions

The following items are not permitted at the Bugeater GT:

  • Power Scroll
  • Book of Hoeth
  • Cupped Hands
  • Becalming Cognition

If your army contains Wizards, the Lore that Wizard uses MUST be placed on your army list.  For Grey Seers, you must declare how you are dividing their spells on your army list as well (e.g. 2 spells from Ruin and 2 spells from Plague).

Magic Addendum

The following rules will apply to the magic phase:

  • You may never use more than 12 power dice in a single magic phase for any reason.
  • A character is always allowed to take a Look out, Sir! Roll, regardless of any restrictions that would normally apply, for the following spells:
    • The Dwellers Below
    • Purple Sun
    • Transmutation
    • Infernal Gateway
    • Dreaded 13th Spell

More to come!


6 thoughts on “Grand Tournament Update Week Day 1”

  1. Tim:
    Would like to appeal something before it is too late.

    I’d really like to see you remove the “No Special Characters, including unit champions” limitation from the WFB GT. I have yet to see the issue with them, personally, and in some instances, people (like me!) design “fluffy” armies around them.

    My experience so far has been that you pay a horrible price for named characters (usually in points that you no longer have for rank-and-file troopers, which are more important in 8th) for what you actually get for them. A 155-pt unit champion, such as Ghorros Warhoof can seriously crimp your style when playing someone who has gone with larger units…even with his special rules, you are trading basically a whole Core unit or two for a sergeant.

    On the spell limitations, magic no longer scares me–the worst spells in the game might hurt you bad in one game when your enemy gets lucky, but over the course of a multi-game tournament, between winds of magic rolls, miscasts, etc, it generally means magic stays roughly in balance and isn’t too overpowering. Too many wizards tend to be wasted points that are not used to their full potential…too few tend to die quickly. People still have to roll for spells (mostly), so the nasty ones you have listed may not even be in play.

    The rest of the special rules I could probably live with, although, personally, I’d recommend just letting people play the game with legal lists and with the rules as written. I have never been to a GT that had “house rules” before, and never ran into any problems.

    I do like the clarification on exactly which armies are allowed, that Lores must be spelled out in advance (which IS a rule in the book, BTW, that people tend to overlook). I can live with the 12 power dice limit clarification (which is the spirit of the law in the book that people have found loopholes for within the letter of the law).

    The “Look Out Sir” rule is a bit weird, because it effectively gives characters a “Ward Save That Can Be Taken Against Certain Spells But Not All (Even When Ward Saves Are Not Allowed) Even If They Are More Than 3” From A Unit.” If special characters were allowed, and this rule were not in force, then players would have to take their chances with a special character getting hammered like usual….which is how the game is written.

    Am interested in your rationale for the restrictions and limitations, though. Perhaps we just haven’t had the problems with these things you guys must be?

    v.r. Mark

  2. Mark knows I answered this, but I wanted to post something here so others didn’t think I ignored this – if you look at the latest post about the GT, we changed our special character rules to reflect Mark’s concerns. The magic rules we are sticking with, however.

  3. can never use more then 12 power dice. Tomb kings dont use power dice 🙂 so yay for 20 dice rolled each magic phase 🙂

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