July was the month of 40k

July was the month of 40k

Well, I’m not quite to the point of posting at least once a week like I had hoped, but now the gap was only like two weeks instead of a month between posts.  I have been busy diving head first into my Imperial Fists army.  I finished my first tactical squad, including their guns.  I really, really enjoy the old mark armor that forgeworld has been releasing.  As I talked about in the last post, the Game Shoppe put on a Kill Team tournament this past week.  I decided this would be an excuse to paint up some models that wouldn’t necessarily be functional in my larger army, but look cool nonetheless.

I used the Blood Angles codex.  I took 5 Sternguard (which I used my finished tac marines for) and 3 Death Company, one with a power axe.
I used the Blood Angles codex. I took 5 Sternguard (which I used my finished tac marines for) and 3 Death Company, one with a power axe.

I also wanted to use the kill team event to test my painting and modeling abilities.  I usually just use poker chips for objectives, but I decided to make a custom objective marker of a wounded veteran marine.  The lighting in the above picture wasn’t very good, but I drilled some holes into the armor and used a watered down mix of blood red and dark flesh for a dark clotted blood look at a few points on his armor.  I used the attack bike legs and missile marine hand to brace him.

The other thing I wanted to test was building a display board based on a ship.  I thought I’d do a hallway to a small room on a recently captured ship (captured by Orks).


When I started working on my stormraven transport, I made a pretty large order with Plastruct so I’d have some plasticard to play around with.  I ordered two sheets of textured plasticard with the metal deck pattern that you see in the above picture.  I had a nob squad to assemble and paint up – I decided I’d have some of them dead and some still fighting as the marines bust into the room.   I temporarily mapped out where I’d place the models, and then I set about building the scene.  While repairing the shed I found some leftover board pieces that I used as the base for the display, and then I cut the plasticard for the walls.  I cut panels as well to give the walls some character besides so that way they weren’t plain, and made little square rivets for all the panels.  I used some of the extra tubing and some extra vents to vary up what was on the panels, too.


I didn’t have access to an airbrush (I put this thing together over a few days), so I used some of the acrylic paints and big brushes from our terrain days.   I did a dark gray first then a light gray.  It didn’t look pretty, but I wanted to hodgepodge test some stripped metal and rusting effects and did so in various spots.  I used devlan mud on the rivets and streaked them down.  I noticed that it was hard to discern the panels from the back of the wall, so I did a black wash in the gaps between the panels for more depth.


Because this was a fast production and a test platform for bigger and better I didn’t brace the walls at all, I just glued them to each other and the floor.


You can see in the above pic that I used a chimera dozer blade as makeshift barricade.   I painted up the orcs and I used 2″ plasticard strips as low walls in the front, so that way it didn’t hurt visibility but at the same time didn’t look like the scene just dropped off to the wood below.


If I stick with the Imperial Fists vs. Orks theme for my whole army, I’ll need to get a whole ton of Orks to make it work, otherwise it doesn’t look nearly heroic enough for the Astartes.

I had fun at the event, but I did not win a single game (I did take 2nd in painting though!).  I took Death Company because I thought they’d be awesome in close combat, but even on a 4×4 table I was getting out shot, and with such a low model count you’re going to fail an armor save at the wrong time and get hosed.  I really did enjoy the format of the event, and I hope we do more kill teams in the future.  The next big thing is the Foodhammer tournament.  It is a 1500 point tournament in early August.  It is called Foodhammer because your entry fee is a number of canned goods, and they donate everything to a local food pantry.  Throughout the tournament you can buy rerolls by donating more cans.  With rerolls it obviously skews things, but it is a good chance for me to test out list functionality.  I still have no idea what I’m taking for the Imperial Fists – I’m in limbo while waiting for the new Space Marine codex.  That being said, I’ve got a good number of models that I’d like to put to use.  Here’s what I plan on taking:


Deathwing Terminators: 4x TH/SS, one with Assault Cannon

Rifelman Dreadnought

Tactical Space Marines: 10x, Meltagun, Rhino, Sergeant with Power Axe

Tactical Space Marines: 10x, Meltagun, Rhino

Company Command Squad

Platoon Command Squad

Infantry Squad: Missle Launcher, Chimera with Heavy Stubber

Infantry Squad: Missle Launcher, Chimera with Heavy Stubber

Heavy Weapons Squad: 3x Autocannons



I’m excited because it will be a nice buildup towards the Khornehusker in October.  I have no intentions of having a fully painted army by Foodhammer, but I do want my army to be painted for the Khornehusker.  I have no idea what I want to do to push the size of my stuff up to 1850.  I figure I don’t want to commit until Foodhammer is done and I get a feel for gaps in my list.  I like what I have because I have six scoring units, including one scoring unit with 2+/3++.  I also tried to emulate what Russ took at our team tournament because I loved the synergy with his list and mine.

One thing I am worried about is the cover hugging ranged gun lines, and I figure I can take either a pair of whirlwinds and ignore the cover or take a drop pod unit or another terminator unit with flamers to fix that problem.  But we’ll see where my games take me.

On the hobby progress front, Russ loaned me his airbrush for the week:


The above pic was a little blurry – but man airbrushing is AMAZING.  Took way less time, and the yellow looks really good.  The rhino and contemptor were just bonuses, however, because I really needed the airbrush to get my stormraven transporter ready for detail work.  There is no way in hell I’d paint that thing by hand.  I did the stormraven transporter first then the rhino/dreadnought, and I learned an immediate lesson.  I stupidly tried to paint yellow right on the black basecoat.  It took several rounds of painting to get the color to a decent level.  On the rhino and dread I did graveyard earth first, then a darker yellow before finishing with yriel yellow or whatever it is called.


For some reason I can’t find a “done” picture – this was the stormraven transporter after one spray.  Since this is a pure “bonus” model I’m setting it aside for now while I work on my rhino and dreadnought.  After that, I’ll paint up my first guard squad and chimera.  I have to assemble my second tactical squad still and I have terminators ready for paint, but I’m not really confident that I’ll use terminators in my main list so I want to hold off on them until everything else is done.


Phew!  That was a lot.  And I didn’t even talk about the Storm of Chaos campaign yet.  I’ll save that for another post I suppose.  Hopefully I can get that post off in the next few days!

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