Allies and Meta

Allies and Meta

Let me start off by saying that since Adepticon, I had played a grand total of three fully pointed games of Warhammer 40k leading up to the Khornehusker.  I had played a smattering of kill team and 500 / 750 point games for our store’s paint and play league, but that’s it.  Real life comes first of course, and I was left to painting my Imperial Fists as the only real way of staying connected to the hobby.  The whole time I have been focusing on getting this army ready for Adepticon as part of our team that we’re going to be entering for the 40k team tournament.  I’ve been lamenting over how I’d approach painting a yellow army (such a tough color to paint right, in my opinion) that looks good.  We’re trying to really make a push for best theme at Adepticon.

But then the Khornehusker came, and the drive to do well on the table top, and not just the with my painting score, came back.  I completely tabled two of my opponents.  It wasn’t that hard.  I’m not saying that as a measure of disrespect.  Robert had all terminators, and I had centurions.  That’s a hard counter that he couldn’t over come.  The other opponent was Matt, who I have played so many times I’ve lost count and I knew how he’d approach the game.  When I seized on him, I caught his wraith knight out of position and killed it with just my centurions on the top of turn one.  The game went downhill for him quickly.

But that game 2.  I got my ass kicked game 2 and I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it because my game plan was terrible.  And more importantly, I didn’t like it because I felt like I brought a knife to a gun fight.  Watching him roll up buff after buff with no way to stop it sucked.  But I knew that if I wanted to play ball at Adepticon, I’d have to adjust my list to deal with it.

Enter allies, and why they make it much easier to adapt to the meta.  The core of my army is great.  Tactical squads are really good with bolter drill.  Thunderfire cannons are fantastic.  Centurions are worth every point.   Those shouldn’t have to change, but I can slot in tools I need from other army lists to deal with the meta issues.  Enter the Rune Priest.  The last ally-able blanket psychic defense in the game, this guy is going to really help me out.  He can block buffs, and at the same time can make MCs cry with Jaws.

So I know now I’m taking Space Wolves allies instead of Guard.  I’ve already got the models assembled using one space wolf kit and a combination of leftover Mk III and Mk IV forgeworld bits.  I’m going to be taking:

Rune Priest w/ Chooser of the Slain

9x Grey Hunters, Plasma, Rhino

Long Fangs w/ 4x Missile Launchers

My WIP Rune Priest – legs / body / weapon from the space wolf kit, helm and shoulder pads are Mk III forgeworld. Simple and effective conversion to “pre heresy” the space wolves.

We’ll see how the test games go, but I really like that allied contingent.  Small, but effective.

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