Bugeater GT - June 3rd-5th, 2022

Event Rules Information:

1. Up to 2 platoons from any campaign or army book including the Tank Wars book although tank war special rules will not be used.

2. Armies must be comprised out of the same army/campaign book unless you are using a tank platoon in which case the tank platoon must be of the same nationality as your army/campaign book based platoon.

3. A 3 color minimum effort for painted miniatures is required as this is an event that many advanced players attend.

4. No special characters

5. No dice minimum or maximum…. GO CRAZY!

6. Only Infantry type miniatures can hold objectives as per the rules. Any miniature can contest objectives.

7. There will be awards for: Best Overall Best General Allied Best General Axis Best General Minor Power Best Paint/Theme Best Gaming Table

8. Although this is a tournament for moderate to advanced players, new players are encouraged to attend as this is an excellent gathering of experience to tap into to better your own game.

9. Best Table rules: bring a 4×6 gaming table of your choosing. Table must not have made an appearance at Bugeater before. 1 player = 1 submission for best table even if you bring more than 1.

10. Bring your own rules for your army to make rules discussions easier at the table although rules judges will be available through the TO.

11. Lists are due to the TO via easy army to rrisdal89@gmail.com NLT the Tuesday prior to the event.

12. Any questions can be se t to me, Robert D. Risdal via FB or to rrisdal89@gmail.com

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