Paint and Play Feburary

This is a recap of what happened last month in the paint and play, that way I’m all caught up. I had been posting this on Warseer, but I’m trying to consolidate here.

February was the first month, and we had to bring 500 point lists. With a Vulkan themed double landraider list as my end goal, I brought this for 500 points:

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2010 Paint and Play, Part 1

Our local gaming group at Dragon’s Lair Comics has a history of doing “Paint and Play Leagues” for fantasy. The premise is simple: start off with a small army (250-500 points), and then every few weeks increase the size by 250 points. Each installment, you get judged based on your painting and earn points for both painting and how you perform in two games. That way, you’re rewarded for painting, but it doesn’t overpower how you do in your two games with your army. It is an excellent way to build up an army without feeling overwhelmed, and from a tactical perspective learn the ins and outs of your army.

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