Our 2013 Journey to Adepticon, Part 3

This is the final post in a three part series about our trip to Adepticon this year.  You can read part one about my plans, our arrival, and our Friday here.  Part two, which covers our team event and an update on how our group members on the fantasy side were doing, can be found here.  We last left off at the end of the day Saturday, where I had a blast in the 40k team tournament but was a little disappointed with one win and two losses.  Our group of guys went out and talked about tomorrow – the last two rounds were captain’s choice for how we paired up in our games.  We felt that the best thing to do would be for Russ and myself to team up and for Matt and Jon to team up.  The problem in my last two games was that Matt and I were both foot slogging and had no cover – by teaming up with Russ that puts the opponent in a much tougher position.  If he targets me, that leaves the guard gunline to dakka away.  If he goes after the guard, I’m closing the gap with 30+ space wolves that I’ve found are pretty brutal in close combat.

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Our Second Journey to Wargaming Mecca, aka Adepticon

For the second year in a row, the Outlanders braved the 7 hour journey to Chicago to play in many different events at Adepticon.  If you’re not familiar with Adeptcion … well I don’t know what to tell you.  Despite the fact that we run a GT ourselves,  Adepticon is truly the major event that the rest of our gaming universe revolves around.  Our winter paint and play was timed to build up to Adepticon.  The March Hare point values were matched to Adepticon’s instead of the Bugeater.  All of this is for a good reason – Adepticon is an amazing experience.  This year, we have several folks attend: myself, JT, Russ, Billy, Adam, Jon, Matt, and Dan S.  A slightly smaller contingent but still a nice group (there were a few other Omaha groups that made the trip out).

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Paint n’ Play and Tournaments!

With a little more free time now, and some great Christmas presents, I’m on my way to putting together models and painting for this time since August.  It’s kind of a nice feeling to be excited about the hobby again.  I got a quick game of fantasy in against a local player (JT) and his leadership manipulating daemons.  My dice totally crapped out on me (my three cannons did one wound total in three turns) and I made some tactical mistakes that led to an absolute slaughter.  I had to kill his two big baddies (Soul Grinder and Keeper), but alas I could not do the deed.  He then leadership bombed me and used the flame cannon to wreck absolute havoc.  It was a rude awakening after not playing a game since Rock Wars GT but it felt good to get the models back out (although some are in bad shape and need some serious gluing/magnetizing to get my army back to presentable condition).

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Bugeater GT 40k Primer

Sorry for this getting out so much later than I intended.  I did some reviewing of the new NOVA primer packet and went to make some additions, and then my school laptop got fried.  I had a recent backup, but had to rebuild most of the packet.  The packet was built with the intention of preserving the mission structure that has worked so well the past two years while making sure that we aren’t alienating ourselves from sixth edition so much that it feels like 40k edition 5.5  The final version of the primer missions packet will come out in March, so please give us feedback over the next four months.

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Success and Return to Blogging

Like some other bloggers, real life has temporarily taken over.  Fortunately, my gluttonous work load has receded and I even have time to blog again.  I had a really ambitious agenda of posts in July / August, but after listening to the last podcast of Heelanhammer, I realized that the ancillary things I do related to this hobby (blogging, tournament planning) need to come second. If I don’t have time to actually paint and play Warhammer, then why do I have this site?  The decision paid off, and I’ve gotten in at least a game a week with my Empire to get ready for the Rock Wars GT at the end of September and even managed to get most of my new Empire painted.

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