So much for prep – a Khornehusker report

Another two month hiatus.  It is a perpetual goal of mine to blog regularly, but when life gets busy this is one thing that gets put aside.  Although adding another child to the family probably counts as a good excuse for not having much time to blog.  Anyway, in my last blog post I established about a two month window to paint my army up and have it ready for the Khornehusker RTT that took place this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep to that schedule with work, Ellie’s arrival, and other things eating up my time.  Fortunately, I had built in a week to work on the display board.  I was able to take the hit and just use my generic display board from my fantasy army instead and help distribute the work load from the two weeks I lost when Ellie was born.

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March Hare reflections, ‘Ard Boyz coming

In the last three weeks I’ve attended two RTTs and managed to win both.  I’m extremely happy since I had never won a tournament prior to that – coming close but never quite enough.  Whether it was watching all my transports get immobilized on a river in the final game on the top table (Khornehusker 2010),  or questionable soft scores, I had been unable to break through to the first place mark before this year.  However, I won a 40k RTT at the Game Shoppe, which has arguably the best 40k players in the state, and now I’ve won the March Hare.  I have a few thoughts about the March Hare and the general RTT model before I get into my army specific thoughts as I get ready for ‘Ard Boyz next month.

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April Battle Report #1

Hey everyone,

It has been a few weeks, but I’ve got a battle report. I’ve been keeping my list on the side bar of the site, so you can see that I added a land raider redeemer with multi melta to the list. I don’t have the terminators yet, so I’m running one of my combat squads with librarian in the Land Raider. I found out that at the end of the second month I kept at first place with 16 points, with a 3 point lead. It is spring break, so a lot of our teenage players were not able to make it – and only four people reported with their painting complete today. The interior work I did on my land raider paid off, and I grabbed first place in painting (so 4 painting points). Once the judging was done, we squared off and played some games. I played Deadite’s Chaos Daemons (using his Warseer username), a really well done Tzeentch army where everything is an eye ball in some form or another. His list was:

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