Regiment of Renown and Kill Team

About three weeks ago, debate nationals concluded and I flew home from Birmingham.  I was working on my Imperial Fists one day, when I realized that I didn’t have anything pressing to worry about in real life for several weeks.  Then it hit me: this is the first summer that I don’t have grad school to worry about in three years!  This was officially going to be a good summer for hobby progress!  My last post certainly indicated as much, with several major projects in the works.  That being said, I think we all realize that it is very easy to start projects, and it is even easier to have half-completed projects collect dust on the shelf than actually finish them.  But before I get to those projects (and I have made good progress!), I want to talk about something that came out of left field and was a present surprise:

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Back from Rock Wars GT

This past weekend, I was able to do something I have not done since April … attend a tournament!  Unlike most of my brethren from the Outlanders, I am unable to participate in the closest GT since I am the primary organizer of it, and between that and finishing my Master’s degree this past summer I was able to play very little Warhammer.  Thankfully, this fall I had more free time, and I got to get in 5 games with the Empire.  At the Bugeater, a great guy named Hayne told me that his group was putting on a tournament called Rock Wars GT at the end of September.  It had 20 some people attend last year, but he was really hoping to boost it up to a comparable size compared to our fantasy field in 2012.  The GT was the weekend before debate season started, so I knew I’d be able to go.  I couldn’t miss a day of teaching (I only get one personal day a year), so as a grad present to myself I flew out to Little Rock.  The Outlanders traveled in force, however, as fellow Warhammer nuts Dan Gor, Adam, Travis, and Billy drove down on Friday.

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Adjusting the Empire

As I continue to play test list options for a GT this September, our gaming group started the *perfect* paint and play campaign to help me come up with a functional list that I really enjoy.  We’re playing the adjusted Mighty Empires campaign out of the Blood in the Badlands book and each person has three separate armies that they control on the campaign map.  The beautiful part is that each army has to be unique, you can’t just have three clones of the same list.  This is a great vehicle to test out some variants of what I want my Empire force to be.  The other nice piece is the paint and play component – every month we submit 500 points worth of painted models for judging.  This will be great to get my Hurricanum, Demigryphs, and other new additions finished in a timely manner.

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Actually playing some Warhammer

Before I begin my series of posts about the Bugeater GT, and the “behind the scenes” of getting a GT level event ready, I figured I would post about my own gaming for once.  Being a TO creates an unusual situation where the conclusion of my tournament makes me go home and put stuff together and get ready to game, rather than the usual “I need a week or two to burn recover.”  If there’s one thing I was feeling this past weekend, it was definitely jealousy – watching everyone get their games in quickly reminded me about how much I enjoyed my time at Adepticon.  I made a commitment that I would go to another two-day event this year, come hell or high water.  I’m debating between two events, both in September, and it really comes down to which fits my personal schedule better.  The first is the NOVA Open, and the second is Rock Wars GT.  Both have been great friends of our event, so I want to support them, and there’s good fantasy gaming to be had at either event (although the NOVA is obviously known much more for their 40k gaming).  A friend of mine asked why I didn’t want to play 40k at the NOVA, and there’s two reasons.  First: it starts on Friday, whereas Fantasy starts on Saturday (I can avoid taking a day off of teaching).  Second, my 40k projects are in limbo waiting for 6th edition, and I don’t feel like getting an army ready for one last 5th ed hurrah.  On top of that, I’m really digging my new Empire book and want to continue in developing my army.

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Better a Month Late than Never: March Hare Round 3 vs. Skaven

Sorry this one has been so late getting out, two weeks of illness and getting my last term paper done for my degree was putting a damper on blogging.  I have a lot to write about – Adepticon, the Bugeater, my army projects, but before I do all of that I have to draw closure on the March Hare with a report about me getting my butt kicked!

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