Regiment of Renown and Kill Team

About three weeks ago, debate nationals concluded and I flew home from Birmingham.  I was working on my Imperial Fists one day, when I realized that I didn’t have anything pressing to worry about in real life for several weeks.  Then it hit me: this is the first summer that I don’t have grad school to worry about in three years!  This was officially going to be a good summer for hobby progress!  My last post certainly indicated as much, with several major projects in the works.  That being said, I think we all realize that it is very easy to start projects, and it is even easier to have half-completed projects collect dust on the shelf than actually finish them.  But before I get to those projects (and I have made good progress!), I want to talk about something that came out of left field and was a present surprise:

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Reflections on Tournament Prep: Part 1

I promise I am not dead.  I read a great book on Zen a while back, where a young student reflects on trying to do too much and struggling at everything as a result.  So when I come to points where I feel overwhelmed, I shelve the non-essentials for a while – this blog being one of them.  Life has settled down, and I want to get back to blogging.  So, without further ado…

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‘Ard Boyz Daemons Prep

In just a couple of weeks the Fantasy ‘Ard Boyz preliminaries will be upon us.  With only one tournament in town (held at the Game Shoppe), all the fantasy faithful will be converging for their chance to make it to the top 3 and move on to the regionals.  If you’re not familiar with the scenarios, you can find them here.  The first two missions are pretty standard, with just a single deviation each (a fantasy equivalent of night fighting in round 1, and you get to buff one unit with +1 attack and +1 strength, but your opponents get more VPs if they kill that unit).  The third scenario is just crazy.  The game could end on turn 4 – if neither player captures the objective it is a draw, there’s random events that can lose you the game …. a terrible scenario.  I’ll let you read it and see just how crazy it is.

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RTT Wrap Up: Best Overall

Sorry for not providing a round 4 post.  My reception wasn’t that great at the store, so I couldn’t quite tell if my posts/pictures were getting uploaded … in reality they were, so that’s good!  In round 4 I got bumped down to table 2 after taking only 9 of the possible 24 points in round 3, but there was no clear leader and it was wide open for the taking.  We played a scavenge mission in round 4.  There were five objectives, and at the end of your opponent’s turn, for every unit that is directly on an objective you earn a scavenge point.  Player with the most scavenge points at the end wins.  Note it is ANY unit that is physically on TOP of the objective.

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