Paint and Play Battle Report: Da Orkz

A week ago, I played Russ for my second game of the 1750 point month.  Russ has been around for a long time, has worked as a community leader for GW (Outrider?  I forget what they called them), and runs the 40k and Fantasy nights at Dragon’s Lair.  I had played him in a pre-league 500 point skirmish back before the league started, but haven’t played him in 40k since.  He LOVES greenskins.  He refuses to have two trukks or battlewagons look alike, becuase “that’s not orky enough.”

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Paint and Play Battle Report

May 10, 2010 by Timmay

Well, I got several more games in at DL1 to get a better feel for my army at a higher point level (1500 points), since up until this month we were playing at 1000 or less.  This month, I was finally done having to combat squad one of my tac squads and putting a combat squad in my Land Raider – I painted and finished up my TH/SS assault terminators.  I would find myself squaring off against Blood Angels for my first league game of the month.  Dan is like me, getting familiar with 5th ed 40k after playing a lot of fantasy, but I have a three months head start.  As soon as he saw the Blood Angels codex he started putting together a force, and he’s gone undefeated since then.

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April Battle Report #3: Tau

Hey everyone, although my league games were done for the month, I wanted to head in and get another game in this week.  There were still some people that needed their “official” games, but I found a Tau player who was also just looking to play – he wanted to see how his 1000 point army played.  I had never played Tau before, or even looked at the codex, so I knew this would be an interesting game.  He had:

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April Battle Report #1

Hey everyone,

It has been a few weeks, but I’ve got a battle report. I’ve been keeping my list on the side bar of the site, so you can see that I added a land raider redeemer with multi melta to the list. I don’t have the terminators yet, so I’m running one of my combat squads with librarian in the Land Raider. I found out that at the end of the second month I kept at first place with 16 points, with a 3 point lead. It is spring break, so a lot of our teenage players were not able to make it – and only four people reported with their painting complete today. The interior work I did on my land raider paid off, and I grabbed first place in painting (so 4 painting points). Once the judging was done, we squared off and played some games. I played Deadite’s Chaos Daemons (using his Warseer username), a really well done Tzeentch army where everything is an eye ball in some form or another. His list was:

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