Allies and Meta

Let me start off by saying that since Adepticon, I had played a grand total of three fully pointed games of Warhammer 40k leading up to the Khornehusker.  I had played a smattering of kill team and 500 / 750 point games for our store’s paint and play league, but that’s it.  Real life comes first of course, and I was left to painting my Imperial Fists as the only real way of staying connected to the hobby.  The whole time I have been focusing on getting this army ready for Adepticon as part of our team that we’re going to be entering for the 40k team tournament.  I’ve been lamenting over how I’d approach painting a yellow army (such a tough color to paint right, in my opinion) that looks good.  We’re trying to really make a push for best theme at Adepticon.

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Our 2013 Journey to Adepticon, Part 3

This is the final post in a three part series about our trip to Adepticon this year.  You can read part one about my plans, our arrival, and our Friday here.  Part two, which covers our team event and an update on how our group members on the fantasy side were doing, can be found here.  We last left off at the end of the day Saturday, where I had a blast in the 40k team tournament but was a little disappointed with one win and two losses.  Our group of guys went out and talked about tomorrow – the last two rounds were captain’s choice for how we paired up in our games.  We felt that the best thing to do would be for Russ and myself to team up and for Matt and Jon to team up.  The problem in my last two games was that Matt and I were both foot slogging and had no cover – by teaming up with Russ that puts the opponent in a much tougher position.  If he targets me, that leaves the guard gunline to dakka away.  If he goes after the guard, I’m closing the gap with 30+ space wolves that I’ve found are pretty brutal in close combat.

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Tau Tournament Prep, Part 2

Tournament Prep Part 2

Part 1 of my tournament prep can be found here.  The long term goal is to take the Tau to Adepticon (which might be a bit easier if the latest rumors are true that Tau are due out Q1 of 2012!), but the short term goal was to get the Tau ready for the local fall RTT known as the Khornehusker.

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Reflections on Tournament Prep: Part 1

I promise I am not dead.  I read a great book on Zen a while back, where a young student reflects on trying to do too much and struggling at everything as a result.  So when I come to points where I feel overwhelmed, I shelve the non-essentials for a while – this blog being one of them.  Life has settled down, and I want to get back to blogging.  So, without further ado…

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Battle Report: vs. Space Wolves

May 2nd, 2010

This is the second of two battle reports from this past Sunday, and this is another 1500 point battle.  My list is the 1250 one on the sidebar over there, plus Vulkan and another HK missile. This time I’m playing a kid and his Space Wolves.  Now, I’m going to be as nice as possible in describing how this game went down, but I’m going to be real honest here: after listening to him say a prayer to Jesus (literally) every time he rolled his dice from turn 3 on, it got on my nerves.  What made me more frustrated was when I got a hold of a space wolves codex after the battle and realized he either exaggerated abilities or just plain made shit up.  Here’s his list:

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